Custom QR code tee

Custom QR code tee
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Custom QR Code

You get the QR code and one line of text, printed on either the front or the back of the shirt.

  • Run a sociological experiment to see how many people will actually scan your shirt.
  • Be your own business card.
  • Advertise your web site. - Wear your phone number or email address at the club.
  • Speak your mind freely but discretely.
  • Wear your biography (up to about 3,000 alpha-numeric characters) on your chest. Note; however, that older phones won't be able to read something that large, so you might want to do some editing of your life story down to around 300 characters :D.
  • Say something; be it clever, pithy, groundbreaking or just plain insane.... Whatever you want.

Are you worried about censorship or offending my delicate sensibilities? Well don't be. Short of inciting people to physical violence, and within the range of what my QR code generator will accept (i.e., words with accented characters might not work), I'm pretty open.

Shirts are hand-screened.. The code can be printed on the front or the back. One line of text (60 characters maximum) is included (if desired) and can be used as you like. Print your business name perhaps, or a note that says "SCAN ME!" - whatever you'd like.

There is no up-charge for shirts larger than XL or for tees/baby dolls for females.

Send me a note telling me:
  • Size and type (male/female) if not otherwise listed.
  • Shirt color if not otherwise listed (QR code itself must be black due to the limitations of some QR code readers).
  • Whether you want the shirt printed on the front or the back (actually an option, but make sure you select the one you want).
  • Text for the plain text line, if one is desired (if it is not there, I'm going to guess you don't want one, and not contact you about it).
  • Text for the QR code. Please ensure that the text is exactly as you want it to appear. I am not able to guess whether typos or grammatical errors are deliberately included for effect.
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