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Chattanooga Freethought Association refrigerator magnet

About the design

This is the logo for Chattanooga Freethought Association, out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. 

Chattanooga Freethought Association polymer clay refrigerator magnet front

About the refrigerator magnets

Each one is hand made, a block of polymer clay approximately 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1/8" (3.81 x 3.81 x 0.3175 cm) - this will vary slightly with each one.  The magnets can hold up any of my fully loaded utility bill envelopes

I make these by hand. I form the layer of polymer clay and bake it. I've mixed to look like stone. After I've baked the clay, I sand it to smooth things out a bit and round off the edges. I then apply the design and cover the block with matte medium gel. This helps eliminate any halo effects and gives it a nice flat finish. After applying a few layers of the matte medium gel, I make a dome of epoxy resin over the front of the block and allow it to cure for 48 hours or so. Once the resin has cured, I apply a coat or two of polymer clay safe UV blocking protective sealant, this gives it a nice feel and helps prevent it from getting dirty in your pockets (and easy to clean if something dirty does get on it). Finally, I attach the magnet to the block.

Each refrigerator magnet is made by hand upon request and can take up to seven days to get out to you (though generally it will take less time.); however, bulk orders will take longer since they're made by hand.

Chattanooga Freethought Association polymer clay refrigerator magnet back

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